🧐Recently we had client saying that they were not happy how our staff cleaned their office.

👎Initially they said she was not doing a great job at their office.

👉We updated cleaning tasks, we did deep clean together hoping that this was going to make a difference.

🙀It wasn’t getting better apparently.

🏃‍♀️So, I organised a meeting with the client as I thought face to face meeting would solve this!

💥The client said that basically they were not happy that my staff was making a lot of noises while cleaning, this made them think that she did not care about people around her and the office she was cleaning.

🙏🏻It might be that she was clumsy, or perhaps because she was listening to music on her headphones.

💬Again it came down to communication.

🚫If I ignored the client and thought that he was just moaning about everything then nothing was going to get solved.

🧼I wanted to get to the bottom of this situation and finally it became clear.

💡Lightbulb moment!

✅The fact was that she did work at other locations and she did fantastic job at other places.

🐝I think it just came down to personality clash with my staff and the manager of the location.

🏢I was able to move her to another location without her losing hours. And I am able to send another person in to do the clean for this client.

😣My staff told me that she was really stressed in this location saying that she felt that she was being watched all the time and judged.

🎧That is why she was wearing her headphones, and probably this is why she was clumsy as well.

😎There’s absolutely no point pushing through if either party is not happy with the arrangements and I am happy to do whatever it takes to resolve the situation.

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