Commercial Cleaning

Perfect Cleaning Solutions are commercial cleaning leaders within the West Lothian area and the new fresh entrant into the stale Edinburgh commercial cleaning sector. Our approach is to simply shake up the industry in a fresh and uncompromising way. Both of our directors are from Generation-X and therefore they are ambitious to challenge the status quo of the traditional cleaning industry.

Our range of commercial cleaning services range from office cleaning, hospitality and retail industry cleaning to commercial kitchen cleaning and light industrial cleaning. We are always open to learn new things and flexible to adapt to the client’s needs.

For a free no obligation quote, please contact our director Sarah Aoki on 07703350138
For more information about specific cleaning types please see pages below.

Office cleaning

Perfect Cleaning Solutions provides a one stop solution for all office cleaning needs. Our packages are specifically designed and tailored to suit different needs of our clients. Included in our standard packages are carpet spot cleaning, internal and external window cleaning, cleaning of vending machines and coffee dispensation equipment. We can even supply your office with washroom and janitorial consumables at deeply discounted prices. We maintain good communication with all of our clients through the use of communication books and shared online storage solutions. Furthermore, we guarantee to resolve any issues you might have within 24 hours. All of this at no extra cost to your organisation. We like to think about ourselves as invisible hygiene and productivity co-ordinators. Ideally we come after office hours and prepare hygienic, clean and productive office environment ready for the next day.

But don’t believe our words, visit our “Testimonials” section to see what our clients think of our services.

Hospitality industry cleaning

We have been providing cleaning services to the hospitality industry for the past 5 years continually improving our offerings. We now have dedicated team that specialises in cleaning of student accommodation, serviced apartments, holiday flats and hotels. Our hospitality industry cleaning package includes laundry services and rental of the linen. We can provide you with services specifically designed to your situation. Our clients range from individuals owning only couple holiday lets to large companies with hundreds of rooms/apartments. We cater to all levels of accommodation, from basic festival accommodation and Airbnb properties up to high end serviced apartments. We can even manage your serviced apartments for you, from move out and move in on a same day to supplying coffees, teas etc. to basic repairs and emergency call-outs. Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs and allow us to take care of the rest.

Commercial kitchen cleaning

Our commercial kitchen cleaning package has been designed to clean all accessible areas within the commercial kitchen environment and remove most common causes of fires to a high standard that satisfies requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Furthermore, our high standard of cleaning helps our clients to adhere to the standards required by the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006. Failure to meet these standards could lead to severe fines and reputational damage resulting in financial losses.

Furthermore, we work closely with number of pest controllers who supplement our services when needed. All of these allows us to offer one stop solution for commercial kitchens at a very competitive price.

Retails premises and leisure outlets cleaning

Over the years Perfect Cleaning Solutions accumulated vast expertise in retail and leisure cleaning. This allows us to fully understand the importance of cleanliness and what impact does it have on the image of our retail clients. We design and structure our cleaning arrangements to suit our clients’ needs. This means that we can clean your premises at multiple times of the day as well as after the retail hours. We can also provide our clients with an overnight cleaning service if the area for cleaning required is large.

Our cleaning packages include provision of all cleaning equipment such as scrubber dryers, escalator cleaners and high area cleaning poles. We make sure that your retail space is always clean to the highest possible standard and your image and reputation is protected.

Light industrial cleaning

Our light industrial cleaning solutions includes cleaning of the warehouse areas with high ceilings, dusting and steam cleaning of industrial plant and machinery as well as floor cleaning of heavily soiled industrial premises. We use top of the range equipment that allows us to provide top quality service at a deeply reduced price due to lesser time spend on the job. Our light industrial cleaning specialists can advise on appropriate cleaning solution and method and also provide with post-cleaning hygiene maintenance package. Our initial consultation is always free so why not give us a call to benchmark our standards and prices against competitors. Please call Sarah on 07703 350138 for a free no obligation assessment and a quote.

Deep Cleaning
Pre- and post-tenancy cleaning

We have a dedicated team of pre- and post- tenancy cleaning specialists. Over the years we have established good relationships with major lettings agencies and landlords with large property portfolios and developed complete solutions for every landlord, from single short assured tenancy cleaning to multi-million property portfolios – we do it all. When we enter the property we prepare the cleanliness audit based on which landlord can pick and choose what should be covered during the cleaning e.g. carpet cleaning, sofa and upholstery cleaning, oven and extractor fan cleaning or internal and external window cleaning. Our reporting operates a grading system that prioritises the major areas of focus. Furthermore, we can take care of the light repairs within the property or recommend trusted tradesman who takes care of the bigger jobs. We can also remove and dispose all of the previous tenant’s property and possessions. We operate with a quick turnaround rate and can get the property ready for the next tenant within couple of hours.

Moreover, as we have strong connections to other tradesman within Edinburgh and West Lothian areas we can provide you with deeply discounted prices and less hassle by providing one invoice for all services undertaken. That is why we call ourselves one stop solution for all landlords and letting agents.

Speciality Cleaning
Clean room and controlled environment cleaning

Our experience and knowledge of the controlled environment cleaning can help you keep your facilities clean and sterile while reducing operational cost and increasing operational efficiency of the staff working at your facility. We currently provide cleaning services to cleans rooms from Level 7 to Level 5. We know that different facilities and different ISO levels will require different method and standard of cleaning and that is why we work closely with our clients to develop bespoke cleaning arrangements that are suitable for appropriate level and frequency of work. Every new piece of work that we undertake within the controlled environment is consulted beforehand to ensure 100% satisfaction.

We work closely with our suppliers who provides us with clean room cleaning solutions and advise us on appropriateness of each solution to your specific environment. We take our work very seriously and that is why every member of staff undergoes extensive training before being placed at your premises. We understand the importance of clean and sterile facilities and we do not compromise on anything.

Despite the fact that we are currently only work with Level 4 facilities we are open and willing to learn in order to undertake work at premises requiring higher level of hygiene and sterile environment.

Please contact us for a free no obligation quote and see how we can help your organisation to stay at the forefront of research.

Data centre cleaning

Similarly to our clean room cleaning solutions, data centre cleaning requires meticulous attention to detail and appropriate specialist equipment. All of our cleaners and HEPA Filtered to removed particles up to 0.3 micron. This prevents from re-contamination to occur. Our specialist team is well trained in data centre and controlled environment cleaning. Just give us a call or use Contact page to drop us a message. Our area manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

Post builders/construction cleaning

Need to give that newly refurbished property a fresh look? Or maybe you have just completed a number of construction projects and require full top to bottom after builders cleaning? We do it all. Our area of expertise is vast as this was one of our starting points in the business. We understand the importance of removing all of the dust, wood chips and debris from all of the surfaces to give the property that new and fresh look that it deserves. Our post builders cleaning package includes removal of grout, paints stains from sockets and light switches, cleaning of the window sills, carpet cleaning to lift all of the dust and debris as well as polishing all glass, stainless steel or stone surfaces. No job is too big or too small for us. We will structure the cleaning programme and number of cleaning specialists to suit particular job and will make sure to deliver on time and budget.

If your renovation comes to completion, why not give us a call to see how we can make the property that extra notch more presentable?

Facilities Management

Our full package covers everyday cleaning, carpet spot cleaning, window cleaning, pest control, waste management, security and monitoring as well as small repairs. We pride ourselves in being the best local FM company in the central belt region.

Our full soft FM package covers everyday cleaning, carpet spot cleaning, window cleaning, pest control, waste management, security and monitoring as well as small repairs. We have a wide connection around businesses in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Wide local connections within the business community means that we can provide soft FM solutions.
This includes your daily cleaning, catering and vending, waste management, pest control and security systems.

Airbnb Management

If you have only one property or a multi-million pound portfolio, we can take the stress of physically maintaining the properties from your shoulders. Our Airbnb package includes inspections, repairs, cleaning, linen laundry and change as well as preparation of the welcome packs for new guests. We are so competitive with our pricing and level of service that estate and letting agents are using us on a continuous basis.

Our Airbnb management service is second to none. All you need to do is to let us know about any move -ins and -out for a specific period of time and give us the access codes, and we will do the rest.

Drop us a message to see how we can improve your holiday lets business and take the stress of physical management away.

Washroom Solutions

Do you buy your own washroom consumables? We can help with this too? We can provide with washroom consumables at heavily discounted prices? Paper towels, toilet tissue, soaps, hand sanitisers, hand lotions and more, we have it all covered.

And the best thing is that you will no longer need to check your stock and re-order. We control, manage, re-order and refill all your washroom consumables. All of this for as little as £3 per month per employee.

Furthermore, we can also provide you with all of the required dispensers (towel, soap or toilet tissue dispensers) at a very small additional monthly cost. Just drop us a message with an average annual number of employees and number of toilets/washroom facilities and we will prepare a package that will outline all of the costs while saving you time and money.

Cleanliness Audits

If your business is in food, hospitality or retail industry it may be subject to regular audits from the public sector bodies. Our cleanliness audits solution can review the current state of your premises, identify deficiencies and recommend solutions. We can also construct totally bespoke cleaning package that will eliminate deficiencies in your cleanliness within the shortest possible time. Our services are in line with industry norms and standards giving you assurance that our solutions will help you get back into full compliance.

Furthermore, if you currently have a cleaning of facilities management provider we can conduct a cleanliness audit and issue a report. This would be totally free of charge with absolutely no obligation for any further services. Our aim of this exercise is to reduce secrecy within the industry and expose companies that overcharge and underperform. Reports that conclude these cleanliness audits would not be marked with any promotional materials or our logo. It would point out good areas as well as all deficiencies. At the end of the report you would also see comparison against industry standards (cost and productivity rates). This could allow you to negotiate better terms of service with your current service provider or seek better solutions from other providers.