Happy Monday everyone!

💬I met up with a friend this weekend, she was telling me about her workplace drama…

💣Apparently her workplace being a bit chaotic since the director left the business.

🌞Then I realised the problem was the “lack of communication”, and “lack of accountability” coming from the top.
I have been posting a lot about this recently so you all know I am a big advocate for these points. It is important!

🚽This lack of communication and lack of accountability was then resulting in the office coordinator not doing their job properly and then the employees were suffering. i.e. toilet paper, hand soaps, printing paper running out etc!
🤯Also miscommunication with the client resulting in the employees not knowing the changes with the project etc…

🧻There’s nothing worse than running out of toilet paper to be honest…! (if you have any problem with toilet rolls in your small office get them delivered from Who Gives A Crap they last way longer than the cheapo ones from the supermarket, and its pretty too)

📱We work hard on communicating with our staff & with our clients, especially with our staff!
Our management team do get in touch with our staff on a regular basis, to make sure everything is ok. “No news is a good news” is not the case here! We need to actively seek the communication in order to maintain great relationship with our staff.

🏃‍♀️Acting quickly as well is important too, if something broke, or if something does not work then we will try and deliver everything on that day or at the latest the next working day.

😎Me and our managers all know that whatever happens it is genuine so we all do our best to help our staff.

💪🏻First we need to trust our staff to earn their trust. This is how we build our trust with our staff!

🚐This was me out and about delivering cleaning materials to our staff at 6am this morning, in our new van!

We get things done at PCS! With our great team🥷🏻

Sarah Aoki

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