✨We used to schedule everyone’s shift on EXCEL spreadsheet…!
This is when we had like 3 staff, things were simpler back then.

⏰But once we hit more than 5 staff it was just time consuming. So we had to look for solutions!

📱We wanted something that could operate from an app and quite flexible.
Some cleaners use the client’s telephone to clock in and out, or some people still use a physical sign in and out sheet.

🥷🏻The problem with these are that it can be anyone who is clocking in & out, as long as you have their pin numbers.

📍With our system we know exactly who clocked in at where. And if they have not clocked in by the time when they start their shift, our managers get notified.

⛑This is great because this means that we know if they arrived safely. Sometimes they forget to clock in and we can notify them also.

🙋🏻‍♀️A lot of clients complaining that their previous cleaner simply was not turning up for their shift. But us using Deputy means that we can avoid situations like this.

💬Also when they get a message from your manager when you didn’t clock in asking “I hope everything is ok?” I would feel that they actually care about myself. If you do not get any message to ask if they were ok I would feel as an employee that they do not really care if you turn up or not. This is when they start coming at random times etc. When you allow people to show up at random times rather than setting specific times this is when things start to go wrong!

🤙With Deputy, the easy interface allows people to clock in and out using their phone. This has been a great system that we have implemented. And We love using it so much!

We are featured on the Deputy website as well 😎

This is a referral link if you want to get Deputy for your company💡