PCS have years of experience in professional office cleaning in central Scotland. 

We have built a reputation as being a go to company when it comes to commercial cleaning in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

This has come as a result of our expert team, excellent customer service and by creating tailored cleaning plans to meet the specific needs of our customers and their premises. 

Office spaces that have a high volumes of employees and visitors can be a challenge to keep clean making them a job for a professional cleaning service.

In the current climate, cleanliness is top of many people’s agendas. A professionally cleaned office provides a healthier space for employees to work in and this in turn, helps to cut down on the number of sick days your team take too. A clean working environment also helps to boost employee morale and leave a good impression on customers that visit your business.

We can take the cleanliness of your office space to a much higher level than if you leave your teams to look after their own individual areas or use an in-house cleaner, plus, very few in-house cleaning teams can work at the pace our cleaners do and still clean to such a high standard.

Our team are throughly trained and have many years experience working in professional office cleaning.  They will ensure all areas of your offices are cleaned to an exceptionally high standard including floors, desktops, railings, carpets, kitchen areas and bathrooms

We provide all the professional cleaning equipment and know the best cleaning supplies for specific areas to get the best results, saving you having to worry about it these purchases. 

PCS have received many commendations for our office cleaning including this one from Nucleus Financial.

“We’ve been with PCS since moving into our new office at the end of 2017 and I wish we’d found them sooner! I would absolutely recommend them, our cleaning team are fantastic and Sarah is a pleasure to work with.”

If you would like to set up a free consultation to discuss your premises and needs, please complete our contact form or call Sarah on 07703 350 138.

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