Our second core value is BEING A TEAM PLAYER.

You absolutely need to be a team player in PCS!
It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get on with everyone and become best pals. It is about showing care to one other.
Being a team player means that you collaborate with your colleagues and come up with a solution together.
Even if you are working on your own you need to be a team player.
You need to keep the cleaning cupboard topped up so you need to make sure to put an order in for a manager. So that we can make sure you can do your best job.
If you are on holiday you need to let your cover person know what to do(beyond the cleaning tasks), make sure that when someone else is on holiday you are there to cover this person.

Being a team player means that you are not only a taker but also a giver as well.
If you are a taker and only a taker, eventually people will walk away from you, you will alienate people and you will be alone. You will not get help when you need it from your colleagues.
If you are giver, you will attract people who is also a giver, and there will always be collaboration and trust between you and other people. And you will get help when you need from your colleagues.

This translates to being a team player for our client too, we are the client’s cleaning team and it is a crucial part of the operation of our client’s business. And we should be very proud of that! We do work with other contractors as well and being a team player in terms of communication etc is crucial to what we do!

This is what we look for people who work at PCS, we are all a team player at PCS and we look after each other 🙂