🌻This is the sunflower that my daughter planted at her nursery from seed.

🌱Now has a beautiful flower and it smells like toasted seeds.

Today’s story is about small change that we made by joining the Living Wage Foundation and paying the Real Living Wage so that everyone gets paid a little extra.

Since this, one of my staff told me that they have now saved up enough money for a deposit for the house.

Story like this really motivates me to do better!

🌎No matter where you work or what you do, as long as you are productive member of the society the world will be good to you.

Even if you work at a bar, restaurant, cleaning or front desk at the hotel etc, you will be able to save up and build your future.

I also know someone who is high-paid but always skint at the end of the month and still rents their house🤷🏻‍♀️

You need to remember that even if someone drives a Range-rover or has a Louis Vuitton bag, that doesn’t make them “rich”.

💸Who knows if they are still paying off that Louis Vuitton bag debt.

But that is not the point, you can buy a bag if you want, but it is not all about how it looks💎

Cleaning staff too can buy a house, own a nice car, and have a great life, despite some people think!

One of our core value is to ” Be accountable”, if you are a responsible person at work, you will be a responsible adult in real life too.

It really makes me happy that all of my staff are responsible adults and we really are a great team.

Of course we do occasionally get odd ones that aren’t, but we can work on that😉 I am sure every business has this problem!

Our cleaning staff are building better future at PCS and we are so proud of it!

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