👍Does working with Living Wage accredited clients make a difference?

❤️The answer is YES.

🌞Usually they have same mindset as ours. Looking after their staff, looking after their environment and their workplace. Trying to make it better.

✉️When working with Living Wage accredited company, the communication is way more smoother as well. They are “on it”.

💰The fact that during this difficult time, they are committed to pay that bit extra to their staff and to their contractors as well.

💸Cleaning usually gets the least budget of all, they are always “tight” when it comes to squeezing money for cleaning!

🧼When the cleaning is done right, it will cause less hassle and everyone will be happy.

👀When the cleaning is done right, you won’t notice it. When it is not done right, you will notice it. This is the nature of our work unfortunately!

💪🏻Again that is why it is our job to keep motivating everyone in the company, and to keep providing safe and fair workplace.

💂‍♀️Most of our staff stay for a very long time.

😡When I hear horror stories of other cleaning/fm company not treating them well it makes me really angry.

🤔This stems from their work not being valued, like I said above, when we do a good job, no one notice it!

🌼When you enter an office that has been cleaned well, I can feel it in the air, the air quality is much better than when it is not cleaned properly.

🧹Daily dusting and vacuuming is so important and it makes a huge difference!

🥰Huge thank you to all of our Living Wage accredited clients and contractors, you all makes PCS who we are and we are so happy to be able to work with you all.

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