Living in Japan for 18 years, I went to Primary School, Secondary School and High School in Japan.

None of my school had a cleaner, we had to clean ourselves.
This was a fun time for me and for all of us in the school, we had fun doing cleaning.
We have fun doing cleaning at PCS as well.
Sometimes we moan to each other how dirty the place is left behind but this is part of the fun too!
I can safely say that cleaning has been a big part of my life. Cleaning is looking after the community, it is about looking after each other, it is about care, health, wellbeing…and so on!

I do my best to inject this ethos into my company, our cleaning staff is a one big community.
We look after each other, I show my managers how much I care about them and this naturally gets passed down and they look after their colleagues. And colleagues all look after each other.
We are all passionate about cleaning and takes great pride in our job. We love doing cleaning. It is meaningful and very rewarding.

My staff told me last week that the floor is not cleaning well, so we came up with a solution together. It was not me that initiated this, it was my staff. Because they care about their work, they want to improve the outcome and we always come up with solutions together. This is a very important process for us.

Cleaning often gets unnoticed. However, when it doesn’t get done, it definitely gets noticed!
Remember when the bin mans didn’t collect the rubbish on the streets? It was chaos!

We are like ninjas, we come in at night when nobody is in and leaves no traces behind.

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