I had such a wonderful time visiting the Bright Red Triangle for the Bright Red Sparks evening.

I have been involved with the Bright Red Triangle since 2016 when I studied at Napier University and used their co-working space quite a few times! Especially before COVID and the baby.

However, I have not seen their new co-working space which they have in the Fountainbridge area. A lovely space just beside the canal!

Recently I got in touch with Nick and Kendra and they have kindly invited me to do a fireside chat for the opening part of the Bright Red Sparks.

When we spoke initially, I have explained that the reason I got in touch with BRT was that I wanted to show that not all business ideas have to be the next big, shiny new ideas.

And me presenting as a business owner hopefully can be a more friendlier approach to the idea of “business”.

For example, I have built the Commercial cleaning business. First of all doing all the work myself which was “cleaning flats after people moved out”. Oh boy there were some beauties.

I didn’t come up with any ground-breaking new cleaning robot, or any mind-blowing spanking new cleaning app or anything like that.

Business ideas can be anything. Cutting the grass, cleaning the windows, baking cakes, having a burger van etc…!

All you need to do is to actually put in the work, and do it really well.

What I tried to focus on in my cleaning business is to build a great team and focus on great staff work environment, which naturally translates into great customer service, which I always talk about.

Then I was invited to join the Bright Red Sparks business pitches as a judge!

I was really looking forward to all the excitement and freshness of the students and their ideas. And that is exactly what I got.

All of them were super excited and passionate about their ideas and it really came through.

As long as you keep producing good work and keep at it, you will eventually get somewhere. And all of the pitches had this potential.

This was super exciting evening for me and the pizzas we had in the end was just the cherry on the cake😉

Thank you so much Bright Red Triangle for having me and a warm welcome to everyone in the room, hopefully catch you all soon!

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