I noticed there’s a shift in thinking “work is evil”.

I was thinking about this a lot recently and thinking WHY do people hate work.

Why did work became something that is an awful thing?

Perhaps people had so much time over COVID that some of them didn’t need to work but still got chunk of money, some people get benefits and universal credits that they practically live without work.

Someone told one of my staff that “Life is too beautiful to waste time working, so I don’t really want to work”.

But I think life is beautiful because we work and because we are being a productive at life.

We always get CV’s that are practically empty of work experience, some volunteering here and then, and when we reply if they are interested in the job, we get no reply. And we get the same CV again after couple of months😂

People want to leave their work early, or just put in minimal effort into work and just get away.

I think whatever you do, wherever you work, people should be proud that they are being a productive member of the society. Creating something, producing something, DOING something for the society.

As a small business, we are creating value for our customers, and create jobs for people.

Take cleaning for example, we clean after the office/shops/nurseries/restaurants closes, because not everyone will tidy or clean their space up after work.

And this is ok, not everyone likes cleaning, not everyone knows how to clean or wants to clean!

This is where we come in, to clear the rubbish, wash the cups, wipe the desks, vacuum and mop the floor, so that people come into a clean workplace.

It is less for the people working in the business to think about, perhaps it is cheaper if they got someone else who can do the job more efficiently in less time, with less effort.

We are a specialist and a professional, who can do the job better, faster and cheaper because this is what we do every single day.

You would not grow vegetables and animals in your garden for you to eat(or maybe some of you do!), someone else does this for you and you go to a supermarket to buy the products already cut and packaged.

It is same with jobs too, some people like driving a bus, cleaning, raising animals, growing vegetables, calculating, serving in a bar or a restaurant, exercising, talking, running a business…the list goes on.

We all have to be a productive member of the society, otherwise the country will not function.

No jobs are unnecessary and we are so proud to be a small business, getting things done, providing jobs and providing service to our clients!

I will say it again, I am so proud to be running a business, seeing people create lives for themselves working with us, and making clients happy by providing them with a pleasant workplace. It is so amazing!!

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