Attended Workflo connections at @workflosolutions.
It was great to spend only 5minutes driving to get to an event!

What a fantastic presentation from @MichelleQuinn Managing Director of Almond engineering.
It was a story of her starting from the bottom and then now a co-owner of the business in an engineering company based in Livingston.

I had no idea what an engineering company does to be honest! So it was great to hear that they work with aerospace companies AND they have also custom made parts for a stormtrooper costume…so interesting.

Prior to presentation we were speaking about how hard it is now to get good staff and also to retain them etc.

We are struggling with this so much at the moment, and of course new staff we interview either don’t turn up or just ghost me, and sometimes even block me! Or just tell me that they aren’t turning up 5 minutes before the shift starts etc…

We are really putting a lot of effort into retaining good staff.

And I must say, we usually don’t lose staff because they hate working with us, but they will leave with other circumstance which is encouraging to say the least!

Going back to the talk…Michelle also works and invests time with developing young workforce and giving people opportunities.
This has been something that we just started tapping into it and it is not easy, especially hiring young people and training them up to do the job, and do the job well.

It takes time, but it is for sure rewarding!

We are currently in process of training a young person in Livingston, there were ups and downs but hopefully now he has settled into his role and when the manager visits the place is looking a lot better.

As long as people are willing to listen, and willing to improve, there are always going to be improvements! Like this person in Livingston, he has stepped up and showed motivation that he was willing to learn, and now he does a great job.

Michelle has been building an amazing company and continuing to be an inspiration to young people in West Lothian!

Thanks Workflo for organising a networking session in Livingston hopefully we will see you next month too!

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