🌸My staff visited St Abb’s Head couple of days ago and she sent me some pictures.


📷I enjoy getting pictures from my staff when they are away on holiday.

🙏🏻I really like it when they are able to go and have some time off.

☝️We give people “work anniversary holiday” which they will earn 1 extra day of paid leave for 1 year of working with us.

🔟We will give maximum of up to 10 days a year. (10 years of working with us)

🤗This is to say thank you for staying with us!

🧼They all work so hard and to retain good staff is essential for us.

🎂We really do care about everyone who works with us and always looking ways to make them happier working with PCS.

😉We are still a small business so our benefits are not as big as if you worked for a bigger company, but we have a small but close team who will always have eachother’s backs.

✅This is what we have at PCS, a great team!

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