Our mission as a company is to create a safe, fair and motivating working space for our team.

Why is this our mission? Isn’t all the jobs fair and safe?? You ask?

While working in the industry, I have encountered and witnessed a lot of DODGY practices.

The industry is PLAGUED with these types of shady business.

Even if you hire a company to do your cleaning, often what happens is that the ‘staff’ who attends your premises can be ‘self-employed’ cleaners. Which means that as they are not employed by them, they have no benefits such as holidays and pensions. And sometimes they are receiving ‘cash-in-hand’ which sadly is a lot of them.

I get asked ALL THE TIME if the job we advertise is ‘cash-in-hand’. It is a bizarre thing to get asked and it makes me wonder what sort of jobs they are looking for and what they have done in the past! If the person asks this sort of question sadly the answer is ‘no’. The to-be-great-employees usually prefer the contract based employed position.

What if something goes wrong, is this ‘self-employed’ cleaners able to cover for the cost of the damage? They are unlikely to have any sort of insurance themselves.

This was almost 2 years ago but we had someone in the past who worked with us, she was doing ok, until she found a job that paid more and ‘off the records'(her exact word!), and messaged me
🤷🏻‍♀️”I am quitting, my last day of work was yesterday. Thanks.”

What this person didn’t understand is we gave her
🏝paid holidays, and colleagues to cover her holiday
💷contributed to her pensions
🤗provided her with a safe and fair workplace
🔐an employment contract with guaranteed regular hours
💪🏻and she worked with a great colleague who helped her when she couldn’t complete her tasks, and did extra for her.

💡Even though this particular staff left with literally no notice at all, we were able to work as a team and provide a service to our clients that day as well. This is our team, if something happens, we are ready to work as a team. We do not let our clients down because we are accountable in providing a great service.
If we are in everyday to clean our client’s premises and if there’s nobody to clean, then our managers step in and get the work done!
If things needs done and it needs done TODAY, then it gets done.
And we help each other to do this. We are so proud of our team!