I was carrying out and setting up new cleaning contracts for our good clients recently.

You get to think a lot when you are cleaning.

And I was thinking how to carry out the cleanings best and most efficient. And who is a good cleaner.

When you work at offices while people are working, you need to work around people.

So you sus out where people are, and see if people are away so that you quickly sneak into get bits done.

It is about planning, and making sure everything gets done within the time, and not being in people’s faces. (this is super important)

People make mistakes sometimes that being seen doing great work is the most important.

However, this is simply not the case! People want to get on with their work and not getting bothered by a cleaning staff. And this is a fact.

Me and our management team sees them doing great work, and that’s our job to recognise our staff’s great work.

Good cleaning staff are quiet, accommodating, helpful and respectful.

If you see some office workers wondering in front of the toilet, you ask “do you need to use the toilet?” and you can vacate while this person goes to the toilet.

And you don’t wait outside of the toilet, you go and do something else.

Our best staff work around people, and then come back to that area when people have stood up, or gone home.

All of our cleaning staffs are so helpful and respectful of others. This makes us great!

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