I was thinking about what I enjoy about the part of my job.

It is definitely not the money part that’s for sure! Although it is important…

I enjoy helping people through the business.
My business help businesses maintain a clean workplace.
We also help people get a job and make a living.
Cleaning is quite a simple job to do.
HOWEVER, and that’s a big however, to do it well you need experience and also willingness to do so! (as my mum would say to put your elbow grease in it)

We take care of the others, the insurance, training, cleaning products, uniforms, documents…etc etc

I absolutely enjoy when the clients are happy, and really enjoy when my staff are happy and enjoys their job.

The other day…
I told my staff “Thank you for doing a great job!”
she said “Of course, it is my job, you pay me for it😉”
But then she doesn’t realise that even someone who gets paid to do their job, some people will do well and some don’t. That is the reality of it.
So I really appreciates what she does a fantastic job and said thank you and I really meant it.

I want all of my staff to feel welcomed and feel good about working with us.

So that’s what we do!

This automatically leads to our staff doing a great job, and providing our customers with a great service.

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