What a fab event this morning organised by the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce in the Terrae Restaurant in West Lothian College.

It was my first meeting since joining the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce.

It was really an eye-opener to see all the businesses from and around Livingston & West Lothian and to feel the buzz in the room it was fantastic!

Also a great presentation from Calum McRae from Medayo.

He did an amazing demo showcasing the work that he does and it was absolutely mind-blowing!

Calum demonstrated what exactly he can do and his new product IntroBreaker, and it was just absolutely amazing.

This was my first real insight into the AI, Chat GPT and LLM etc used in the real life.

It made me realise that I have a lot to catch up in terms of the technology!

My tech knowledge is stalled at Java Script and html in the 90’s and early 00’s when I used to make my own website…

My father worked at NEC in Japan and he used to bring old laptops with screen smaller than my iPad with Windows 95…

No wonder people are excited about this technological innovation. Myself included, especially after this morning.

Calum mentioned that this tech field is innovating and changing every single day, it came a long way from what Windows 95 was that’s for sure!!

Always great to attend a face to face meetings as you get to see different faces in the same room and absorb that energy.

Also I felt the change in energy when Calum started talking about his products and his services, and you could instantly see that he was very passionate about what he was doing. And the everyone in the room was certainly very impressed!

There were a great mix of people with businesses from different sectors and it was a very fruitful (and eye-opening) morning.

Thank you so much for organising a great breakfast meeting, looking forward to the next one!

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