💪🏻Why did we choose the line “We get things done”.

👍Cleaning staff is usually the last person in the building.

🏢Whether this is in the commercial setting, or let’s say if we were doing an end-of tenancy cleaning.

🗑We are the ones who turns the lights off, take the bins out, clean up, tidy up and make sure everything is good to go for the next day, or for next tenants.

✅And we are the ones to report if anything is damaged, or missing, and so on.

😎Personally I am the person who always strives to get things done.

🤝As one of our value is to be “accountable”, I am always there to get things done.

🧜‍♀️I don’t shy away from making a difficult decision nor dumping responsibility to others.

🙋🏻‍♀️I need to be the person to make that difficult decision, and I need to own up to it.

🙆🏻‍♀️If things needs done and dealt with, I am there to do it.

🦄I am not good with internal politics, cliques, shenanigans, that kind of stuff. I would rather have a straight talk and get it done.

🐝My staff embodies this as well, they are there to deal with things and I am there to help my staff with anything.

🤙If anything goes wrong, they can pick up a phone and call their line manager or myself.

👀I heard another story from a person who works part time with another company.

💸She was not getting paid for her extra hours, nor for her holidays. No one was helping her and apparently was being ignored. This still hasn’t been solved for more than 2 months.

🧐Her manager from PCS was trying to assist her with her problem outside PCS, and he helped her uninstall and install the app back again. And discovered that it showed an error and did not let her clock in. He told her to get in touch with her manager directly showing the screenshot and to ask them to sort this out.

😊She updated him that her manager did acknowledge that there was a problem and hopefully they can sort this out.

💐I think going this extra mile is important. People need help and if we can offer any help we are happy to do so. I am so happy that our area manager was able to help our staff with her issues she was having.

❤️Being happy at work means that they should be happy with all aspects of their life. We are always there to help them with anything.

🧼This is the WE GET THINGS DONE mentality. This is what we embody.

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