💪🏻Team Member Of The Month August 2022 was Dorota!

🍺Dorota works early in the morning and does the cleaning for our bar client.
She always comes in with a can-do attitude and she is not scared of hard work!

🛸Dorota always takes great pride in her work and lets her managers know when she gets to do some extra tasks.
We then feed this onto our client who is always super happy with the work carried out.

🥳August is a super busy time for our restaurant/bar clients because of the festival in the city, but Dorota always comes in with a positive attitude and always ready to do a great job every single day!
And of course, she diligently reports what is needed for her cleaning cupboard on a weekly basis making sure nothing runs out.

✨Her premises are always sparkling clean and she makes sure everything is done to a very high standard.

🙏🏻Thank you so much Dorota well deserved!

She definitely ticks all of our core values!

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