Small business best Employer Awards by Wagestream & Deputy
Best Financial Wellbeing Strategy winner!

We are delighted to receive this lovely trophy of a piggy bank for our Best Financial Wellbeing Strategy winner.

Our staff is the most important part of our company. Without them we cannot function, and therefore cannot provide our service to our clients. We look after our staff so that they can look after our client well. And this is working very well! #happycleaners
We provide every single one of our staff with a safe and fair workplace that they enjoy coming into and take pride in what they do every single day.

By joining Wagestream, we can help our staff with their cashflow. We pay everyone monthly but sometimes people need money mid-month and with Wagestream this is now possible.

Some people might not use the app to take money out, however, there are some other features such as the savings pot, and some financial advice right on the app as well.

I think the big thing about the app is that you can see how much you have earned until that day. This is very encouraging especially if you are getting paid monthly and you only see what your work brought every month. Seeing your money build up every day is very satisfying!

So thank you so much Deputy & Wagestream for giving us this award.
We will continue to make our company better for our staff!

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