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One of my staff works for a bigger company who is based in England to do some of her other shifts.

She told me that she hasn’t been paid properly for the last 6 months, and this still has not been resolved.

She said that her payments were always late.

She got extra hours and she is clocking using her app in but these hours are not reflected in her pay.

The holiday payment was not included in her last payment, which she took in march.

Blah blah blah!

We are small busy team but for us, things like this just doesn’t happen.

We speak to our staff on a regular basis.

If something is not right, they will contact our accounts team and they can sort it out easily.

We are still a WEE company compared to our direct competitors.

We use contractors who are also running their businesses and motivated to do a great job.

We shop locally and use local suppliers too. I enjoy having a catch up with their office people when I am picking up my orders.

We speak to our clients on a regular basis, making sure they are happy.

We speak to our staff on a regular basis, making sure they are happy too!

If they are not happy, then we can work on it. Catching it quickly is the key for both.

Small businesses like us rely on companies to use our services.

I always hear from staff who works or who worked at the bigger cleaning companies.

Using small businesses like us means that you are getting the best service, because we care!

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