I encounter this A LOT, especially in the recent years.

🤷🏻‍♀️It goes like this
“I cannot work more than X amount of hours because I will lose my universal credit.”
This means that this person will NEVER be able to do any covers due to their universal credit getting cut.

🤔I was like…ok?

🚶‍♀️One person told me that she would rather not work and receive universal credit than work for X amount of hours. So she left.

🤯It is totally mind-blowing.

⛔️Completely healthy person is choosing NOT to work because the country’s welfare system. People can simply live-off from the state’s hand-outs.

🤯And our industry is suffering from a “job crisis”. I have no words.

🥷🏻On the other hand, people are working as a “self-employed” cleaner and at the same time claiming these benefits. This is another reason why I get asked “do you pay cash in hand?”💰

📃I receive a lot of CV’s that are missing chunks of their job experience. Some people haven’t had any job since 2010 etc and I just wonder how.
And when I get in touch with these individuals if they were interested in coming along for an interview, either I get ignored. Or I get ghosted on the day and simply don’t turn up. So are they really looking to get a job?

💸Until this state handout situation is sorted our industry will always be “short staffed”.
We used to rely on the EU workers but due to Brexit this is no longer an option.

❓Does anyone have same issue?

🌞💪🏻However, that means that who works with us are all motivated people who WANTS to work.
And they always have a smile on their face.
Working is not only about receiving money, but it is time for your self. Time to better yourself. Time to think, time to exercise(yes cleaning can make you very fit!), time to make other people’s lives better by creating a sparkling clean workplace.

✅This is a super important part of what we do and I am so proud of all of our staff.👏👏👏



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