I was well proud of our new guy today!

I visited one of our client’s premises this morning, and see how our new guy was getting on.

He is one of our youngest member of staff and had no prior cleaning experience.

When I entered, the doors were a lot cleaner and overall felt like the place was well looked after.

You can tell when the place is not cleaned properly, you just can feel it in the air.

When people do come and work with us with no cleaning experience, we give them more thorough training and ongoing support with their work.

If you want to become a successful cleaning staff, then the ability to work hard, good observation skills and attention to detail is the key!

So many people we hired in the past who had prior cleaning experience didn’t work out.

This is because some people just boasted that they are the best cleaner and don’t listen to any of the complaints they have received.

Being able to understand, digest and improve on complaints is the way that they can get better as a cleaning staff and also as a person.

I myself received a lot of complaints in the past and this is the way I have improved myself and my company!

I am so proud of our new hire who works in this office and will continue to provide the support that he needs! And also to all of the other colleagues who does an amazing job all over Edinburgh & West Lothian.

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