🧩Following up on our recent chat with clients, we have been implementing some changes in a lot of our locations.

🪑One of the client asked if we can place the chairs in a different way, and they sent us pictures. I have forwarded this pictures onto our staff and asked them if this can be done from today.

🥷🏻They didn’t complain at all and executed this task and will be doing so from now on.

💪🏻When I visited that night our location captain quietly walked towards the meeting rooms and showed me the chairs. They do really take great pride in their work.

💮This is a proud moment for myself, I saw this person grow from a shy-quiet person to a confident manager. It has been a great journey for us both. I am more a confident person as well as I started out as a yes man and scared to really delegate any work.
I did everything myself, but my colleagues really helped me to get the work done.

❤️Not only him though, all of our staff if we suggest any changes in routine or changes in tasks, they all do take it into their heart and make sure this is done to a high standard.

🙏🏻We all really care about the quality of the work we do.

🧹Sometimes we do make mistakes but we do try and help each other and make sure to get through any problems as a team.

💙We want to give a safe and fair workplace for our staff but in return we make sure that they feel proud of their work and making sure to let them know the impact they are having.

👍To constantly remind them of the amazing work they do is super important.

😿I had one staff who sent me a notice to say that she was leaving us. She said it was a very difficult decision that she had to make due to her personal circumstance.

🥰And then she said to me “You are the best boss Sarah”. It made me tear up. I do try my best to accommodate and keep everyone happy including the clients. It is amazing to get comments like this and it does motivate me to know that I am doing something right.

🤝It is always so sad to see people go but there’s always a hello after a good bye as we are recruiting new people now for our new client. So everything is so exciting for us and cannot wait to grow our fab team!!

🚗Have a great weekend everyone!

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