Our last but not least core value is being a “problem solver”.
This is super important as well, because our managers cannot always be with everyone at the same time. If it is small things such as “piece of paper got stuck inside the vacuum” then my staff should be able to solve this easily. Small thing like that! Also if something goes wrong then letting the manager know is super important as well, this is part of the problem solving as well. Doing nothing is the worst!

💫If something is odd, my staff reports to their manager. They don’t say “Why are you reporting such a small thing, it’s pointless!” They say “That’s great, thanks! I will do *blank*” The blank is what we are going to do exactly so that they know how this information is going to be used. If they do not get a feedback it is discouraging for them.

☎️📡It is all about the communication.
We make sure to use the communication means least resistance is the best way to encourage them to communicate more with their management team as well. Whether that is a physical diary at our client’s premises, communication book, or using technology.

💡We come up with solutions rather than try to cover it up or hide it, or ignore it. As this can lead to bigger and more difficult problems in the future.

We communicate with each other and communicate often! This is the key to problem solving, team playing, accountability and positive attitude✨
This is where our tag line “WE GET THINGS DONE!” comes from👏👏👏

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