What I define as a great staff is when they tick all the boxes of our core values. We set this out as the core value for PCS. It is absolutely parallel because people are the company. Our staff embodies this!

We had so many people with negative attitude working with us, it didn’t work.
It affects everyone at work and it is just not fun! If they are swearing and moaning all the time constantly and cannot see the bright side of anything it never works out for them.
When times are tough these positive attitudes can really be a total life-saver.

In the past we had one incident during a client party…we were cleaning while an office party was going on.(we didn’t know that the party was happening either!)
My staff was putting the mugs into the dishwasher, I was helping this person with this.
One of the client’s staff came up to us (drunk) and said to my staff.
“Ugh, I don’t know how you guys can do this everyday! Isn’t it so disgusting?”
I almost punched the lady in the face but I kept my cool and said
“Oh it is not that bad. I enjoy doing this, it is very satisfying for me.”
I should have said something more punchy but I am not the best at coming up with a punchy-line.
After that I made sure to take some time to speak with my staff and cheered this person up as I could see this staff was really upset. I also stayed until the end to help them clean up after the party. So that they really felt that I was there for a real support.
Sometimes I am perceived as “too optimistic” but sometimes this does bring people up and I am sure it helped myself get through some tough situations.

We now laugh about this incident and moved forward.
I go over this moment again and again in my head to see what else I could have said but after all what matters the most is our staff. Thankfully this person in the office left within couple of weeks or so, so maybe she wasn’t the right fit for the client either!

So one of our value as a company is having a “positive attitude” and I try to embrace that myself too🙏🏻
I am definitely a glass half full type of person🥛
We need more positive attitude right now more than ever!

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