This month we want to inspire everyone to make little changes to reduct their use of single use plastics.

32% of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced every year makes its way into the ocean – that’s the same as a truck of plastic dumping right into the ocean every minute!

Throw-away packaging accounts for more than half of plastic thrown away, that why we’ve put together these tips to help you make some easy changes in your workplace.

  • Ditch the under-the-desk bins and have a waste station at work(general waste, recyclable waste, food waste and glass), generally under the bin desks contains everything and it is extremely difficult for this to be recycled as it is often contaminated.
  • Choose compostable materials, paper bag instead of plastic bags.
  • Choose refillable bottles, for example we refill our bottles for cleaning.
  • No more plastic cups for the water server, get everyone to use glass cup instead.
  • Get everyone informed, put posters up, circulate emails and videos to educate your staff about recycling.
  • No more plastic water bottles, get a water server or water filtration system for your workplace.