🏨A lot of my staff also have a second job. Some of them work in a hotel.

😪They usually are really overworked and exhausted.

🧹Sometimes when I see them at their office cleaning premises, they come in visibly tired, flustered cheek, but motivated to work. This inspires me so much.

⏰Hotels and airbnb cleans are often really rushed and it is really only about making it look good. I heard from my previous staff that he only got 15min to clean 1 room. This includes the toilet, bath, vacuuming, wiping down everything and changing linen.

🍳My staff who works with us now, she used to work for a serviced apartment cleaning. This is even worse as they have kitchens etc as well.

💰She wanted to leave the work because she hasn’t gotten a pay rise in years, she was overworked and under appreciated. She really loved our work ethics and the way we looked after our staff.

❤️She was really sceptical when she started, but was really happy that her starting hourly wage was more than what she was getting paid hourly at her other work after working there for 10 years. So she decided to leave.

📖Now she works with us part time and studies.

💬Every time I see her, her English gets better and better. When she started I thought she understood very little English and was using Google Translate to speak to each other. However, now that she started studying, we can have a conversation without using Google.

👍She is doing absolutely great and I love when my staff is motivated to study.

🧼We are doing our best to attract and retain great people. We are still a wee company but we are working so hard and we have the biggest passion to change the cleaning industry🙏🏻

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