⏰Recently we have been busy chatting to our clients and making sure they are 100% happy with our work.

🙏🏻As well as our staff, sometimes clients do not express their unsatisfaction until we actively get in touch with them.

👍We just wanted to say that we have never lost any contract due to “not improving on any bad performance”. We have taken over many contracts this year due to the previous provider not providing good service.

✨This all comes down to communication issues, both between clients and the contractor, and between management and their staff.

💮I am not 100% nor perfect but I do try my best at all times.

🏢Every single client is very important to us and we want to do our best in providing the best service. So an ongoing maintenance of the relationship is very important.

💬Following our chats with the clients, we are working on training our current staff. Like giving them a refresher course.

🙄Doing same thing over and over every day can be a bit daunting as well. So we try to spruce it up a bit by either introducing a new routine, or mixing up the tasks etc.

🌸Also our managers visit the sites regularly and explain what makes the place look clean and what makes the place “feel” clean as well.

💻I have visited couple sites and had a chat with our staff. For example at one location I spoke to her that sometimes it is good to put yourselves in the shoes of the people who work there, and feel as if you are working in this space.

👀Be on their eye level(sitting down at the table) and see what they see. We noticed that the monitors were a bit dusty, and I have helped her wipe down all the monitors and made sure she knew.

🧹Cleaning is not only about making things clean, but making it look and feel clean as well. Ticking the boxes are important but making sure these go noticed is important as well.

🧼Even if you wipe a surface, but the surface looks streaky and not shiny then it is not really great and we train our staff to make sure they know things like this.

📖Me and my managers are working on a booklet of training manual as well at the moment which will be sent to our staff and will have a chat through too.

💪🏻As we are becoming bigger and bigger everyday, we are continuing to make our company better!

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