I am so happy to announce that Perfect Cleaning Solutions Limited have been shortlisted for the Living Wage Scotland awards 2022 ‘newcomer’ category🍾

We have been working so hard to provide our wonderful staff with a safe and fair workplace. Cleaning Operatives don’t get the recognition that they so deserve and often are hidden in the society. I always say that we are like a Ninja🥷🏻 Or a magician sometimes🧙🏻‍♀️

Our staff gets the pay that they deserve, the holidays that they deserve and the working conditions that they deserve!!

We are so happy to be recognised for our efforts and this only continues to motivate me even more to provide our staff with a great place to work.

Thank you so much also Alan Konopka AFA MIPA for always being a huge help and a motivation too you are the best💪🏻🎉🥂
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