😉Thinking about changing your cleaning provider?

🍑Is changing your cleaning company going to be pain-in-the-butt?

Recently I am putting a lot of effort into getting new clients around Edinburgh and West Lothian!

It really frustrates me when people are in the place where they are not happy with their cleaning but not really doing anything to change.

Because I know we can drastically improve the quality and make their work place SO MUCH BETTER.

I feel like some people would rather have service that they aren’t really happy but they are familiar with than going through the change.

Because it is pain to go through all the change etc when you are already busy.

But honestly the change will make a huge difference.

And we can provide more cleaning staff with the @living wage so that they can build better life😎

One of our client we took over last year, they were really not happy with the service that they were receiving.

The cleaning company was not able to provide them with the cleaner, and not fulfilling their hours, therefore not able to provide a good service. And no one came to improve it. It is just mind-boggling.

This was strange considering the cleaning company were probably 10 X bigger than ours!(they said they had 200 cleaning staff at their company) And all the senior staff on the website, I was wondering “what are they doing?”.

Anyway, their loss! But we are able to provide them with a great service and the client is happy.

Now we look after their 3 other branches around Edinburgh as well.

I cannot stress enough that we put a huge emphasis on building a great team and they really provide a great service to our clients.

I am so proud of our team!

Today I had a great conversation with our area manager at our weekly meeting so that is going to be our next story!


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