We have and have had in the past, people from all over the world working with us.

We had people from Ghana, The Gambia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Iran, India, Ukraine etc…

Some people actually couldn’t speak much or any English. But we hired them.

This one lady was from Portugal, she didn’t speak any English at all.

However, I was managing to communicate with her using the Google translate and getting the message across to her. It was no problem at all and she did a fantastic job.

She worked with us for a while, and once she brought us delicious sausages from Portugal after she came back from her holiday.

Experience like this and feeling the warmth from people is just priceless.

Being able to speak the language is good, but as long as they are willing to learn and have that “we get things done” attitude towards work, they will be great working with us.

Helping people no matter the language level is my absolute priority.

There was a time when my English was really poor too(still not 100%😂) and I really appreciated it when people helped me.

I understand how you feel when you are not able to communicate well, to have a language barrier.

A lot of people say to me in the beginning “I am so sorry for my poor English”.

I don’t think there’s anything you should be sorry about.

The fact that people are here from another country, working in a foreign land, trying to speak the language that you are not fluent in, is impressive and extremely brave.

People need to realise that these people are actually fluent in another language, and English is just their second, or even often third or fourth language that they can speak.

It is truly amazing!

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