🙏🏻Keeping our staff motivated

😵‍💫I was thinking about how to keep our staff motivated and listed up couple things that would affect their motivation

– Lack of appreciation
– Lack of attention (neglect)
– Work environment (dirty, etc)
– Relationship with their co-workers

🧼Cleaning is already a tough job that sometimes people just do not appreciate until it is not done properly.

✨However, cleaning is a very satisfying job and it can really make you feel good after it.

👍We do our best to appreciate our staff on a regular basis, both individually and also as a team.

✌️It is important to do both and make sure I find specific tasks that people are doing because it has to be genuine otherwise it doesn’t work.

🚨In terms of attention, through delivering cloths and supplies instead of getting it delivered directly to a client, managers can meet the staff on a regular basis.

🧻It takes more time but it is so worth it. Each location captain makes sure that the cupboard is stocked up and the area managers make sure that this is fulfilled on a weekly or biweekly basis. This is teamwork!

🏢In terms of the work environment, we get to work in some of Edinburgh & West Lothian’s beautiful offices and restaurants which becomes our staff’s workplace.

✨This is such a great thing, our clients’ offices are beautiful and of course, very clean 😉

🤝Relationship with their co-workers are something that we closely monitor too.

💬We speak to individuals to see how they are getting on with their work and with their co-workers. We see how they interreact with each other as well and if we feel any discomfort or any bullying etc we will always speak to them privately.

💥It is important to solve things before it gets too big.

😈We did have times when our staff were bullied by their co-workers or sometimes our staff was being rude to our client’s staff (shouting at them not to walk on the clean mopped floors etc😂)…in this case I would have a word with the staff or move this person to somewhere that they will not be working with anyone else. We act on it.

❤️The most important thing we can do to make the company better is to make the life of our staff better. And for them to actually enjoy coming into work.

💕This is what we do at PCS, we create a safe and fair workplace for all of our staff. Then our happy staff will be providing a great service to our clients!

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