🙈I must confess that I am not a tidy person myself!

👻So I have come up with some tips for how to keep things organised and tidy as much as possible.

📚The key is not to organise per se, but more like to make the environment “easier to sort it out”.

🔑The key is to have places for things to be, assign spaces for it.

🟣For example in our cleaning cupboard, there’s space for everything, and we always try to keep it simple.

🧤We will have place for cloths, place for gloves, place for the vacuum and place for the mop and how the mops are stored etc.

👛We don’t have any neat solution to keeping out cupboard tidy, we just don’t clutter it.

😵‍💫Whenever we take over a cleaning contract or start a new cleaning, we always find that the cleaning cupboard is in a mess.

🧴There’s like 10 different chemicals for different bottles, different brands, no consistency.

🧼Empty spray bottles, empty chemicals, half empty chemicals, broken vacuums(really!)…

📦How we keep it tidy is that we keep everything in a box so that there’s no loose bottles kicking about.

😎This way, our staff can easily remove spray bottles from this box.

🌸My staff will even take this box to wherever they are going to do the cleaning, such as upstairs etc.

☘️This makes it easier to keep everything in one place.

💪🏻These are what we strive to do in order to keep our cupboards tidy.

1. Have less things
2. Everything has a place for it
3. Put it back straight after you use it
4. Recycle empty bottles

🏠And this can be applied for your home as well!

☕️And no, you don’t need another kettle just because it was on offer and just in case “your old one might break”.

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