🤔I was thinking today to myself, what are we doing right that other company who lost the contract is not doing?

👊🏻The answer is I think pretty simple, and that we do the basic things really well.

⏰We use a clock in & out app for our staff, so we know when people are not clocking in. Therefore we can act when people don’t turn up. Sometimes this is a problem for some other company as they just have no idea if their staff are turning up or not because they are not able to get that real-time updates.

🗑And inside the office, when I looked around, the right bin bags were not in the right bins, and this is super important because the bin bags are collected by a company and if we don’t use the correct ones the client will get charged extra or they outright won’t collect the bin bags.

🧻The extra toilet rolls, extra hand soap were scattered across the whole office. Making it difficult to know where all the toilet rolls were.

🧼The cleaning products were in multiple cupboards, as well as bin bags. So it was hard to remember which bottles were in which cupboards.

😵‍💫There were just a little bit messy.

🤙And I think this again all comes down to lack of supervision and lack of communication.

💬I always start by explaining to my staff that everything should be in one cupboard. And we work from this one cupboard. And everything will be in this cupboard.

🗝This is to make it simple for our staff. Simplicity is the key.

👩🏻‍💼We started a new person recently who has no commercial cleaning experience.

🏃‍♀️She was going up and down, carrying multiple sprays and multiple cloths, forgetting things etc.

😵‍💫This will lead to things getting missed, and things not getting cleaned properly.

💪🏻We will train her through the PCS training plan so that eventually she will be doing one task at a time, and build her routine of cleaning.

☝🏻The key to commercial cleaning is to keep it simple!

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