💪🏻It always motivates me to do more when I see my staff on site.

😔I had a chat with one of them yesterday, when we get some complaints from our client it feels as if we are doing a bad job, especially when we hardly got any complaints before!

😎This is where I come in to motivate our staff, I make sure that they know that they are doing a great job first of all, because this is true! Unless this is not true of course😂

🤝Then we would solve this together.

🧼If this is something that is awkward to clean that our client expected us to clean then I would come up with a solution and to demonstrate it.

✌️Or we come up with a solution together if it is something we never came across.

📈This is how we evolve. Each office is totally different to others so we need to have set tasks that is specific to the location.

📑We do the basic template for “office cleaning” but as we go along we do add tasks here and there, and sometimes remove some tasks from the list when it is not necessary.

✨It is all about team work, we work with the team to create the cleaning list together.

❤️In this way we can make sure everyone is happy with the tasks, and if they are not happy with the tasks we can offer something else or do it another way.

✅We get involved at every step of the way, and we continuously monitor and keep making it better.

😎This is the way.

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