Recently I met with an old colleague of mine who work as an IT technician at one of the big fintech companies in Scotland.
While talking to him I realised how similar the IT departments are to cleaning teams in most of the modern companies.
Both provide a service, that if provided well, is invisible.
We only start to notice it when something goes wrong or when service pauses.
That is why some of the workers in these industries might feel undervalued or underappreciated.

But it is important to understand that cleaning, as with well-functioning IT system, is providing an environment in which work is performed well, ideas can flow freely, and people are generally happier and have higher well-being.

Cleaning industry workers contribute to success of the company by providing and maintaining healthy and clean place for people to do their work.
The process of daily cleaning routine allows for the office space to be reset for the following day.
And as it is with the IT systems we only notice when there is a lack of service or service not up to standards expected.

And as it goes with popular “legend” when during the NASA moon landing times the then President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy asked a member of the cleaning team
“Hey, what do you do here?”
The man responded
“I’m helping put a man on the moon, Mr President.”
I believe that every worker in the cleaning industry is a direct contributor to the success of the company that he or she is helping to maintain and keep clean and ready for the next day.

Alan Konopka