Good morning!

⛹🏻‍♀️When I joined the basketball club in high school Japan, the first thing we were taught was to greet the seniors loudly. (they told us to make sure whole school hears you😂)

🙇🏻‍♀️We had to bow to our teachers or senior team members if we saw them at the corridor and say greetings. This was normal for me. This was the way to show respect to the people around you.

🙏🏻But I don’t believe this only applies to Japan. Saying hello and goodbye is a worldwide language. Even a smile, a mere acknowledgement of the other person is super important, and I really feel that we are lacking this nowadays.

🧼At PCS, to your colleague, I always say to people that make sure you say hello and goodbye, because this is the way to acknowledge and to respect the other person.

🙋🏻‍♀️When I visit our sites, I always make sure to say hello to everyone when I arrive, and make sure they know when I am leaving saying goodbye. (and always a thank you as well)
And I usually make sure to say their name as well, this makes it extra special!

🎧Imagine when you came to work and your colleague has earphones in and says nothing. How would you feel? You would feel like you don’t matter and this is not a great relationship-building practice.

📣In PCS communication is important. We are not saying do not listen to music when you are working, but if you see your colleagues, say hello when you see them and say goodbye when you finish.

👋We always tell our staff the importance of saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, this is crucial when building a strong team and a good relationship with people.
You would be surprised how many people are not even able to do such simple things!