The holiday season has arrived!

Over the years I have been looking at other companies holiday policies and tried to make something that would suit us as a company.

We have our standard 28days holiday, plus we give everyone extra day of holiday when they pass their work anniversary every year.

So the longer you work with us, the more holidays you get.

My staff receives up to 10 extra days of holiday every year, so if you work with us for over 10 days you will have extra 10 days of holiday!

Everyone has been utilising this extra days of holidays.

And also sometimes people don’t always use up their holidays, or not able to use because other people are on holiday etc.

So we have another policy that people can carry over maximum 5 days of their unused holiday from the previous holiday period to the next one.

We want to reward people who work with us, and giving people some extra days of holiday is one of it.

And again it comes down to “self-employed” people not getting these benefits.

We are working to make our company a great place for every staff that works with us.

And again, if you are working with team of colleagues, there will be someone somewhere who can cover for you while you go away on holiday.

I am lucky to witness this teamwork and seeing that people are all willing to help each other.

It is all about give & take, if you go on holiday and someone covers for you, when this person is away you return the favour.

This is how you build a great relationship at work.

And of course, if there are ever in need of our senior managers needing to step in, we are ready to do so, including myself!

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