Happy New Year 2024!

A bit late for my new year post but here we are.

My team has been working incredibly hard over the festive period, but a lot of us were able to take some time off which was great!

To be honest, sometimes it is a challenge to motivate my staff in January.
After a long break especially!

No matter how happy you are at work, the fact that you need to come into work after a long period of quiet, relaxing time is always a challenge.

What I have been doing is that I have been messaging everyone to see if they are keeping ok and making sure that they are not feeling alone. As quite a lot of our staff work alone.

This is the time to catch up with everyone and making sure everyone is happy, and when I am able to, I will go and see them face to face.

Seeing people face to face is so important, of course it is easier if you have smaller team. But you could incorporate video calls or have a meeting, or a staff party to bring everyone in one place. Anything is possible.

Here’s a story.

When used to work at a local bar/restaurant, the people who started at the similar time all got invited to their head office for an induction.

I was super excited as I really liked the company and just a great day trip to be honest.

We were told that the CEO was in the building, we even saw his car.

To be honest, I was kind of expecting him to pop in to the room and at least say hi and welcome to the company, I hope you have a great time working with us blah blah blah. But he never showed up!

I know someone who worked for another company and had an induction at the head office as well. He told me that their CEO showed up for a wee bit and gave them a welcome talk. He said that it made him feel very welcomed.

And at our induction, there were not only bar staff but some of them were for a more senior roles. There were even a couple from Germany and they were new marketing managers etc.
We were all there literally all day for the induction so I don’t believe he didn’t have 2 minutes of his time to come and see us.

I notice in PCS that when me or senior managers don’t come and see people, their performance decline. Tasks gets missed, their mood drops. This was happening during COVID when I was not able to see them.
During this time I gave birth so I was physically not able to go and see people on a regular basis.
This really affected my team.

Since this whole experience, I really take seeing our staff on a regular basis seriously. When they see me they are always happy and glad that someone is checking in on them. We have a chat and I stock up the cupboard.

So yeah, person to person connection is always the best when managing people and running a company. This can be said with any industry.

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