I was thinking about how the way of doing business is shifted over the years I have worked in the business scene.
I have been doing this for around 10 years, so I have seen a lot!

When we started, we often noticed that cost was pretty much everything. The cheaper the better, we were competing on price all the time.

Perhaps how I looked impacted this as well…if someone who had loose trousers with lots of pockets and a pink polo-shirt on, no make up and looks like 16 years old walks into an office, it didn’t scream “her wee cleaning company does a great job!”.

So they wanted us to be the cheapest otherwise we didn’t get the job.

As I write I think it definitely was the way I looked that impacted this😂

Although I do still see this “cost is everything” approach as well. Some people still have this mentality of “trick people to get a great deal” and think that by doing this, they are being a great “businessmen(or women)”.

However, in the recent years, I see a shift in “pay more for a good service”.

Because after all, you get what you pay for.

If you pay for a £10/h cleaning, you get £10/h quality.

if you pay for peanuts in the beginning and they don’t even deliver, and then you have to spend your time and money to find another person/company who could do the job better.

So it does cost more money in the end. You are basically wasting your time and money.

Couple of years ago, I have quoted for a daily cleaning for a nursery client.
They then told me that they found someone else who can do it cheaper so they didn’t go with us.

I told them that it was not a problem, and if you at all needed our help we were more than happy to help.

After 2 month or so, they have called me to ask if we could actually take over the cleaning contract as the cheaper guys were not great.

After 2 years, they are still our client and they are very happy with the quality and service that we provide.

We used to work for someone who was like a mafia(not a real mafia but acted like one😂and looked like one…🧐) and he always asked me for a discount and even suggested that I split the company so that he could avoid paying the VAT😂

It was such a relief when we could finally part ways as they found someone who could do it “cheaper”, and who would accept cash-in-hand payment. So I said thanks for the business and goodbye👋

On the contrary, we have worked for company who asked to pay more so that our staff can get paid more! And they are more and more of companies like this.

Now we are in the privileged position that we are able to work with clients that we enjoy working with. We love providing service for our clients and helping our staff by providing them with a great workplace.

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