Last Friday, I had a great time again at the FSB networking at the government building!

The venue was amazing and it made me feel like a secret agent.
It is always so great to meet other business owners.

Every time I visit the FSB networking, it reminds me that there are so many people out there running their own business.

Sometimes I feel lonely working at home, emails and phone calls and messages are my usual daily tasks, making sheets, making contracts, approving shifts, making internal videos for my staff, ordering stocks etc etc…!! The list goes on.

Of course it is different story when I go and visit my clients or my staff, but I don’t see them enough, juggling motherhood and being a wife as well.

Visiting people gives me such a buzz and I instantly feel very very motivated.

Thank you so much FSB for another great event!
I even won a raffle as well which just made my day, even if the parking cost a small fortune😉

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