🌞Happy Monday everyone!

🧹I asked the chat GPT to give me a summary of the cleaning industry in the UK.

🥷🏻Apparently the gig economy workers, the so-called “self-employed” cleaners are on the rise.
This was not a surprise though as I have been encountering this.

🙄These self-employed cleaners really cannot be the future of our cleaning industry, and it shouldn’t be.

🏢There are so many amazing cleaning companies around the UK who are now focusing on staff wellbeing, including us! But some companies still resort to using a self-employed cleaner.

🧼We took over contracts for so many companies over the years who used to use self-employed cleaners for years.

💰It might sound like a good plan to hire someone who you do not need to pay for holiday etc and also the staff does not pay taxes because they don’t get paid through payroll.

🤝Looks like a win-win but is it really?

💩These dodgy things really comes to light when the sh*t hits the fan, then you will definitely regret it.

🙃When things go upside down in our company, like it did last week, I take responsibility and deal with it.

🤯My staff did something by mistake, and she tried to clean it up by herself. By doing so caused even bigger damage…so I was there dealing with this over the weekend.

😩I could not make it any better as the damage was done already.

📧I then emailed my client apologising, and offered compensation.

🙏🏻I told my staff not to try to do anything herself if something goes wrong. I told her that we can solve things together and me and the managers are there to help you.

🚫And never ever bring any chemicals from her house and use it at work.

📱It is great to have staff that takes initiatives but sometimes without communication this can turn really bad.

👑Again communication is king!

👩‍🏫Everyday is a school day.

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