We have recently been working with local council and support group to help young people get into employment.
We have recently hired 2 under 21’s.

When I interviewed the 16 year old person, he mentioned that he didn’t get any response from any of the employer at all.

He presented himself really well, wore smart clothes to the interview and was really desperate to get into working. Impressive for a 16 year old I must say!

I felt for him, it was like looking myself when I was something like 18 when I wanted to earn some of my own money.

So I was dropping my CV’s off to shops and restaurants. However, I didn’t get any response from ANYWHERE.

This was really deflating, and I really understood how he felt.

Especially when I just came from Japan after 18 years of living there and had no work experience at all. I remembered when I applied for a post office Christmas – new year job in Japan but didn’t get accepted either😂

I have seen many 16,17,18 year olds really flourish in our company, and I have seen many 20+ year olds not flourishing at all in our company too. It again all depends on the person.

Another young person we hired who has had a rocky start but I start to see him take initiative, and started to work really well.

Of course none of them have 10+ years of cleaning experience so we start with showing him/her how to use a vacuum or how to squeeze a mop. However, they all pick it up really quickly and if they have determination they really do do a fantastic job!

And so much stamina as well, which I am jealous of! 😀

And of course, no matter how old you are, we pay the Real Living Wage which is currently starts at £10.90!

And if you are under 18, you can be paid as little as £5.28/h which I think it is crazy.

However, I tell them all that we pay the same wages because we know that you will learn quickly. But will be expected to do the job as well as some of our more experienced staff which will soon come to them once they start cleaning for couple of weeks.

I absolutely love providing people with opportunities, this is what our company is all about❤️