It’s been a while since I posted something!

I am pregnant now with our second child and it was a rocky start…but now I am feeling much better as I entered the third trimester 😊

This is the time I feel a lot of support from my colleagues at PCS.

Last time when I was pregnant with my first child, I was scared to tell everyone that I was pregnant in case people thought I was incapable of doing my job.

It was a BIG mistake!!!

However, I feel like a lot of women feels the same.

Keeping my pregnancy in secret for as long as I could lead to especially my colleagues being suspicious about me and doubting me.
Or even thought I was not interested in the business. But the fact was that I was feeling so exhausted all the time, and also that time I had another job…and it was COVID as well! It was all happening.

This time I told my staff as I met them.

They were all happy with my news and was being super helpful, especially the staff who also have kids. I even found out one of my staff had 6 children….!

People come together when you are honest with them and share your life with them, and it is a beautiful thing.

I have also been implementing systems and manuals so that if I have to be absent for couple of weeks I can ask my managers to take over the work.

I remember someone told me that I should set up the workplace so that if anything happens to you, someone can pick the work up from there.

So having everything organised in one place is super important as a small business, so that if anything happens to you, the business can still function.

We utilise a schedule management platform and CRM so that everything is in one place. What contracts do we have and who to contact etc.

There are different challenges that faces women in workplace. But I believe people help you no matter where you are and if you need help in any way, you should always ask for help.

There will always be someone to help you. Friends, family or colleagues.

We continue to grow as a business and building stronger team and amazing customers every single day.

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