“She always ignores me”, my staff whispered to me when a person from the office passed by us.

I was visiting the office and we were folding the cloths together with my staff.

And I was thinking about this.

Some people have been indeed rude to my staff, and I have mentioned this before.

Don’t get me wrong, almost all of them are nice of course, and a lot of my staff gets to know the people in the office more and have a chat etc, and have good relationship with the people at my clients’ offices.

Which is great!

However, there’s times that they don’t get on with one another, or outright rude to my staff.

I usually don’t make any complaints in this case to my client.

Of course, unless it is getting to the point that they are abusive or violent towards my staff.

But luckily this has never happened before!

But Sarah, I thought your aim was to make a good workplace for the staff?

Yes of course, but instead of compliant, I tell my staff this and explain, listen, and try to change our reaction other than trying to change the other person.

This is more productive rather than trying to change the other side.

To be honest, being “rude” can be very subjective.

So my advice to my staff would be to ignore and just keep being yourself.

I do this myself as well, even if someone is “rude” to me or appears to be rude to me, I ignore and just act normal and avoid if possible.

And next time when I see this person I will be as normal as I can.

Usually if people are rude to my face, then I breathe and think to myself that this person is probably not happy with their life or just having a 💩 day and just want to take this out on other people.

So I ignore this and walk away, because, bad energy💩

Sometimes overthinking might cause something that doesn’t even exist as well.

So, my advice to everyone is to chill the hell out, like seriously😂

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