Continuing from the story of people being rude and overthinking why people are being rude to you.

My staff thought this person from the office was being rude and ignoring her.

She might have thought that this person was “rude” to her because she was a foreigner, or because she was “just a cleaning staff”.

A lot of people feel this way and feel that because they are “outsider” and people don’t accept them.

Because people are scared of what other people think about them and do feel less confident than native people.

Especially if you look/sound different, such as if you are Asian(like me!) or Black, or have different accent, or can’t speak English as fluent as some other people etc…

However, it might have been that just this person had a bad day, might have been that something happened to them, or not feeling good etc.

I remember when I started working at McDonalds, full of native young guys/girls.

Until then I was only really spending time within the community that was consisted of mostly non-native people as all of my friends were non-native at that point.

I promised myself, going into this work that I will be open-minded.

It was intimidating as most of the people were much younger than me, and some of them were even still at high school.

But when I was working there, I never felt that anyone was discriminating me because of how I looked or sounded.

Someone even asked me which school which was funny because I was over 20 at that point😂

I focused on being a good worker and people saw me how hard I worked, I even got “employee of the month”!

I think people did appreciate my hard work and respected me, and made me part of the team.

I tried hard being part of the team and I had a great time working there.

Going back to overthinking what other people think about you…

You never really know what other people are thinking deep down.

So don’t overthink, and just be yourself, be confident of who you are, and be proud of what you do.

You can’t change other people’s attitude, so you need to act and to make the change.

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