🧼I was at the cleaning show down in London!

💙It was especially great to catch up with the Pacvac team. They were all really enthusiastic about their amazing vacuums!

🌸Fiona Morris was the lady on the photo with me, who is doing a lot of training with pacvac. She was demonstrating their vacuums, you could really feel the energy and passion she has for the vacuum!

❤️This is what I love about going to the tradeshows. I often get to meet really excited people as well as the guy who “actually makes it”.

🪶Pacvac has the new light-weight range, for a person with a painful back like me, these backpack vacuums are the game-changer.

💊Unfortunately probably most of our staff has back issues due to the nature of the work. We clean from top to bottom and twisting and turning our bodies often in a very unnatural position sometimes. Especially if you are using the traditional tub vacuum. They do make an effort to make the stick a little bendy and the ability to flip the bendy stick to adjust the height etc but it is not really the best.

🎒This is where the backpack vacuum comes in. When you think of “carrying a vacuum on your back” it really do seem a bit too heavy but it really is not.

🙏🏻I have a staff who lost his hand when he was little so he only is able to use one hand.
By using a backpack vacuum means that he can vacuum staircase with ease because he doesn’t need to carry a tub vacuum up the stairs whilst simultaneously using the other hand to manoeuvre the wand.

👍When I asked him if he liked the pacvac, he answered “it’s great!” with a big smile.
This is what I am talking about, an equipment that makes people happy.

👻When we first started out using the pacvac, we were commented how cool the vacuum looked like and that we looked like “ghost busters”.

👏It is truly amazing technology that we embraced. Of course, there’s still space for the tub vacuum because it is really bullet proof when it comes to build!

💛We are a company who cares about our staff and we want to make makes our staff’s lives as easy as possible. In order for them to do a great job for our clients.

⚡️The enthusiasm from the pacvac team was really contagious and it was great to have a chat with them at the cleaning show!

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