Cleaning industry revolution?

by | 15 Sep 2018

Working in the industry for over 8 years I can say with confidence that commercial cleaning is not lead by innovation and technology.

And please, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that there are no technological advancements available for companies in the cleaning industry. There are numerous, such as autonomous floor cleaning robots, geo locators for cleaning operatives and number of mobile applications allowing better and more accurate time management.

What the industry is missing however, is the perception that the society currently holds about cleaning and about the people who undertake this kind of occupation.

Cleaning operatives who conduct the cleaning of residential or commercial premises are perceived to be uneducated and very low skilled, while the industry is perceived as being only for temporary employment, without any possibility for long and fruitful career.

I could not disagree more. In my opinion almost every cleaning work requires skill, experience as well as proper training and care. As an example, imagine cleaning a beautifully polished wooden table with strong bleach solution or someone unknowingly cleaning the bathroom using alkaline solution such as bleach while simultaneously using acid based solution to clean toilet bowl. Resulting fumes could be lethal. Furthermore, this type of work requires high attention to detail. During my career in cleaning I met number of individuals who said confidently that cleaning is easy and “common sense” and these same individuals would leave dusty rooms, greasy kitchens and slimy bathrooms. The worst part in this was the fact that they were convinced that the work has been performed to the highest possible standard.

That is why I believe in continuous training and personal development of all members of staff working with us at Perfect Cleaning Solutions. Our approach is pushing us to learn new things every day. Recently we have received a request for window cleaning. Despite the fact that we have never cleaned any external windows, we have decided to give it a try and learn the methods of doing it. We are currently educating ourselves and acquiring new equipment to help us do our work better and with better efficiency and with better value for money. I genuinely hope that this will allow us to develop new services from within and expand our brand further.