How important is it to have a cleaning cupboard full of materials?

We always strive to have a cupboard fully stocked.
How do we make our staff’s lives easier & happier?
It’s by making clear and simple instructions & showing that we care.

❤️Full cleaning cupboard means love and care❤️

Other things about our cleaning cupboards⭐️

🪣Central location for our cleaning products
We always have ONE cleaning cupboard to keep all of our materials in.
This means that there’s not confusion and it is easier to manage and see what is inside!
What tends to happen when the cleaning “cupboards” are scattered is that things will go missing, and it does not feel good when things are misplaced and you have no idea where it has gone! So we keep everything in one place.

🚦🌈Colour-coded microfibre cloths to avoid cross-contamination
We use different colours of cloths for the general area, toilets and kitchen. This makes sure that there are no cross-contamination!
All the cloths are collected in separate bag, and taken away and washed in our office in high temperature to kill all germs! And fluffy cloths replaces them.
Microfibre cloths are the best for the job. Also we use a special window cleaning cloths for spot cleaning the windows! We call it the “Magic cloth”.
Why cloths?
Microfibre cloths are not only better for the environment, but better in terms of cleaning too!
It absorbs more moisture meaning that the surface is left dryer, and densely packed filaments traps soil and bacteria!

🧼✨Simple chemicals and instructions to avoid wrong chemicals used in different areas.
We make sure that the instructions are simple, so that there are no misunderstanding!
Also helps when the chemicals have different colours as well 🙂
We provide each location with tailor-made cleaning schedule and weekly tasks etc.

👀🌞Regular stock checks by our managers
Our managers are there at least every 2-3 weeks to check the stock, check the quality of the work, and speak to our staff. Collecting washing means that our manager has the opportunity to come to the office and make sure nothing has run out.
Quality checks are important as well but making sure that the cleaning cupboard is stocked up is important!! This is why.

🙏🏻💪🏻Some staff thinks that asking for “another bottle of floor cleaner” is something bad, or they think that they will be asked to use less floor cleaner or something. Which is completely crazy. We make sure they feel that they are looked after.
I had a staff explain that she only uses one pump of the floor cleaner and didn’t use any more. And told me that she was very sorry for the floor cleaner to ran out.
This probably is a reflection of how badly she was treated when she was working in other places! I remember my staff telling me that they get penalised for using too much chemicals.

This is why we need to look after our staff and actively do things to make them feel comfortable!
We always take the proactive approach to making sure the staff feels extra-special working with us🥰